Full-service solutions to global trade challenges

Full-Service Solutions to global challenges case study (Image: car over a teal split background)

Full-service solutions to global trade challenges

Within this client case study, we outline how Customs Support provides existing clients with full-service solutions, post-Brexit guidance, and innovative digital tools.

This case will consider one of our long-term automotive clients in Belgium (BE), and the recent additional challenges experienced by their sister branch in the United Kingdom (UK) since Brexit.

First, we assess the client’s background, challenges, and operations:

As a leading manufacturer in the automotive sector, operating in 120 locations internationally across 30 countries this client requires end-to-end customs clearance. During a client meeting, our Business Development Director in Belgium learned of issues our client was having in the UK with importing goods. 

The key challenges for our client are outlined in an initial discussion:
  • Timeframe: when seeking customs clearance import documents and support time was of a high priority to this client.  
  • Location: the client was using another brokerage service within the UK unable to meet their needs but knew that their best hope for success in UK brokerage was with a UK-based agent. 
  • Duties: they held concerns over commodity codes and issues concerning applicable duties on particular goods. 
  • Locality: the client operates in over 30 countries worldwide and needs local suppliers who understand local customs intricacies – but found that this also meant a lack of harmony in how their internal customs procedures operated. Key for supply chain optimisation.  
  • Brexit: like with many global organisations. The client faced new and unique challenges in the post-Brexit landscape due to their UK importing operations.  
As a long-term partner of our Belgium branch, we made it our mission to help keep customs easy for them, wherever they were operating. So, how did we do it?

Our Business Development Director (BDD) – in this case, Andy Leenders (Customs Support Belgium) considers the clients’ challenges personally. Where multiple locations are involved for our client, the CSI team is then brought into the discussion.  

Who is the CSI team?

No, they are not forensic investigators! CSI stands for Customs Support International. This team is responsible for coordinating cooperation between Customs Support divisions across our vast locations and languages.

In this instance, the CSI team understood that the best way to support this Belgium client would be to bring in the UK division. So, with some savvy digital tools in place to keep us all united. The CSI team were able to open a discussion between the UK Managing Director, and the Belgium BDD together to provide a full-service overview for our clients. 

How did all of this help the client?
  • The CSI and UK CCD teams were able to smoothly onboard this existing Belgium client and successfully coordinated the first shipments. As the British say, Huzzah!  
  • Together, we went digital. With the collaborative efforts of Bardo Schütz (CIO) and Ash Taylor (UK IT Manager), we were able to create a digital connection between our systems in the UK and our client.  
  • This digital connection allowed us to process all relevant information, documents and British Customs Authority requirements without any problems.  
  • The Operations Manager (UK) personally coordinated the revision of commodity codes and solved issues concerning applicable duties on particular goods.  
  • Additional tailored support was provided by a Customs Consultant (BE) who had worked with this client for many years, keeping all aspects personal. 

Through speed, collaboration, quality, integrity, accountability, and a passion for digital customs: our client was able to expand their successful experience with Customs Support Belgium across the sea and outside of EU regulations with ease.  

This project improved harmony for the clients’ internal processing – allowing them to gain local knowledge, with global unity. Could you benefit from the support of a full-service Europe-wide digital customs broker? Get in touch today!