Fiscal Representation


Postpone Paying VAT When Importing 

Companies registered in the Netherlands can postpone paying VAT when importing goods into the Netherlands. Registering your company in the Netherlands can mean more administrative hassle than you want. Fortunately, there are other ways to still benefit from postponing VAT. 

Foreign companies that are not registered in the Netherlands, but do wish to postpone VAT payment can use Fiscal Representation to do so. 

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These guidelines are in place to make sure both Customs Support and its customers are in full compliance with rules and regulations set forth by the Customs and Tax Authorities. Customs Support is also AEO Certified, to make sure we remain certified, we can’t deviate from these guidelines.

Power of Attorney

If you use (limited) fiscal representation when importing goods, and those goods are sold to a third party immediately after importing them, the sales invoice needs to be entered into the VAT administration of your fiscal representative.


Improve Your Cash Flow

When a foreign business conducts economic activities in the Netherlands, like importing goods, they need to adhere to the administrative obligations of the Dutch VAT laws. 


You want to expand your business and want to export your products to the Netherlands and sell them to Dutch businesses. This means you need to import your products into the Netherlands.

Importing Means Paying Tax

When you import goods into the Netherlands to sell them to your customers in the Netherlands you have to pay Value Added Tax (VAT). On most products, the VAT is 21 percent.