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Can you give us an overview of what interim operational customs support is?

Interim operational customs support is where we work inside your operation.

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Check out this infographic provided by our UK partner, UK Customs Solutions - now Customs support UK.

Incoterms Infographic - download PDF for full text.

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Customs Support, the number one digital customs broker in Europe, announces the acquisition of Portunes, better known as Portmade. With this acquisition Customs Support emphasizes the importance of broad customs knowledge and local presence with strategic offices close-by clients in the most important logistics hotspots in Belgium and The Netherlands. 


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SA-TU Logistics was founded in 1987 when three forwarding companies decided to decrease service overlapping and established a new company to handle all harbour document services. SA-TU (Harbour and Declaration) was born. In 1990 SA-TU started cargo handling operations at the West Harbour, one of the founders also moved his courier services to SA-TU. In 2000 the company began to develop its transportation services, and a year later expanded into air freight handling by opening a new airfreight terminal.

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Customs Support, the #1 neutral and digital partner for customs declarations in Europe, announces the acquisition of SA-TU Logistics Oy. The commitment of Customs Support to being in close presence to its clients is hereby strengthened. This acquisition marks Customs Support’s ambition to become the leading customs partner for clients across Europe. 

  • Customs duties;
  • Import and export limitations;
  • Obligations regarding documents;
  • Licenses;
  • Commercial policy measures;
  • Security measures.

Using the incorrect classification of your goods can delay your customs declaration process or delays when the Customs Authorities detain a shipment at the border. It can also lead to higher duties and even significant fines. That is something that you or your customers don’t need. That is why it is essential to check your commodity codes.

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AEO stands for Authorized Economic Operator. It is a concept that the EU established in 2008. The main goals are increasing international supply chain security and facilitating legitimate trade. It means that the company in question works in compliance with standards that are set out by the World Customs Organization. Authorised Economic Operators include, among others, manufacturers, importers, exporters, brokers, carriers, consolidators, intermediaries, ports, airports, terminal operators, integrated operators, warehouses and distributors.

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The Customs Authority will check if the import declaration matches the ATO. The Aangifte Tijdelijke Opslag (ATO), which translates into the Declaration of Temporary Storage, is the carrier’s responsibility when the goods are unloaded. If there are discrepancies, the Customs Authority will refuse the import. They will also check if the goods are available, in other words, if the ship has already arrived at the port. If not, the Customs Authority will deny the import declaration.